Monsters HD Hail Satan

Monsters HDIn an effort to keep the awareness at a peak level, and to make sure those of you with the channel don’t miss a thing, we’re going to be paying more and more attention to what’s going on over at the official site for Monsters HD, the first and only horror channel on the air in the U.S.

On August 18th they will present “Bug Off!”, an all-day marathon filled with movies revolving around some form of mutated insect or another, including Them!, Earth Vs. The Spider, Arachnophobia, and the 1990 documentary about the Fly franchise called Fly Papers with narration by Leonard Nimoy of all people.

Then on August 24th beginning at 6:00 am, the channel will be showcasing “Devil’s Night and Day”, an all-day marathon of all-devil movies like The Omen, Amityville II: The Possession, The Devil’s Rain, Poltergeist 3 and The Gate to name just a few! That would be something I would honestly set aside the entire day for to make sure I didn’t miss; I’m just a sucker for devil movies.

You can get more info on the channel, the marathons, and “American Monstar”, their short film/indie spotlight that is set to help even the smallest creative force get maximum exposure, over on Monsters HD’s official site!

Johnny Butane

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