Welcome to Nightmare Alley!

Your host of Nightmare Alley, Sean Smithson!Last week we gave you your first tease of Nightmare Alley, the new horror variety show full of interviews, short films and videos you’re not going to see anywhere but on Dread Central.

Unlike the girl you took to prom, however, we don’t just tease; we deliver on our promises. So I would like to welcome you all now to the first episode of the show, now playing in our Broadband section!

In it, host Sean “The Butcher” Smithson talks to Hatchet director Adam Green, shows off some very loud and fast videos and showcases short films like “Roomate From Hell” and “Zombie Movie”. You need to see this, believe me.

So settle back in and take a walk down Nightmare Alley by clicking here; I bet that you’ll like what you see. And don’t worry; there are even bigger and better episodes on their way so look for them very soon!

Johnny Butane

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