Full Trailer Debut for The Key to Annabel Lee [A Woman in Triptych]

Lots of exciting news for Staci Layne Wilson’s upcoming short “The Key to Annabel Lee [A Woman in Triptych]” today. Not only is Dread Central home to the exclusive online debut of the film’s full trailer, but we also have an update on when and where “Annabel Lee” will be having its premiere.

First things first … here’s a quick overview of “The Key to Annabel Lee [A Woman in Triptych]“:

Death, and things in threes, are major themes in “The Key to Annabel Lee [A Woman in Triptych]“. Narrating and starring in the films (four shorts in all — best described as a cinematic form of installation art) is Nivek Ogre (Repo! The Genetic Opera), famous as the lead singer of the industrial rock band Skinny Puppy. Diane Ayala Goldner (Feast) appears as a wolf-like seducer in two installments of the experimental film, but “the star of the show, as in the poem, is Annabel Lee herself,” says Staci. “She is the triptych of the tale, representing a notion along the lines of The Three Faces of Eve.” The director plays a version of the doomed heroine along with Cherilyn Wilson (Parasomnia) and Corrie Shenigo (After You).

Staci continues, “I have three distinct dynamic segments, each of which is comprised of the women portraying Annabel Lee,” just because “I like things in trios: Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropos. Trinities. Sun, moon, and stars. My color palette of red, white, and black. Trimesters. Seraphs — as mentioned in the poem — are angels described as having three wings. Poe uses three R’s – rhyme, rhythm, and repetition – in Annabel Lee.” The fourth, and most major, part is entitled “Integration” and merges the three personalities into one story.

Each of the three triptychs of “The Key to Annabel Lee” will debut April 8-10, 2011, at the Famous Monsters of Filmland Festival in Beverly Hills, CA. The fourth and final version, “Intergration”, will be shown at the Viscera Film Festival, which takes place July 17, 2011 in Los Angeles, CA.

Now, as for the trailer, it had its world premiere last evening, March 14th, on “This Week in Horror“, which is hosted by Matt Raub and Staci Layne Wilson. It was a special Poe-themed episode with Jeffrey Combs and Roger Corman among the guests that will be posted online a bit later today. Definitely take a few minutes to hit up the link and check it out in its entirety (or watch via iTunes). In the meantime dig on the trailer below, and for more be sure to visit the official “The Key to Annabel Lee [A Woman in Triptych]” website.

And finally, because we, too, love things in three, here’s a trio of quotes from the master himself, Edgar Allan Poe, to close things out:

“The death of a beautiful woman, is unquestionably the most poetical topic in the world.”

“I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity.”

“Those who dream by day are cognizant of many things that escape those who dream only at night.”

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