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Sigaw director speaks!I’ve still not seen the Asian horror sensation know as Sigaw (aka The Echo), but considering it’s been ranked among some of the best of a slowly closing circle of good horror films from Asian filmmakers, in this case the Philippines, I guess I should be looking forward to the US remake, retitled simply The Echo, being helmed by the same director, Yam Laranas. So … consider me excited.

The boys over at Bloody Disgusting caught up with Laranas recently to discuss the remake, and even though the film has a pre-determined PG-13 rating, he promised even more scares than the original, “There are scares in the original that are still there, but I’m pushing it up several notches,” he told the site. “I’ve also written new horror scenes that I think are very unique. The characters/characterizations are much better now and the story is also tighter.”

The original took place primarily in an apartment complex, but the remake will have several scenes outside of that enclosed space so the scope is increasing. It must be pretty nice to go back and re-create your first film with more money, something not a lot of directors ever get the chance to do. “This is like a Groundhog Day situation to me – where I’m reliving the past or the present and making changes for the better,” he said. Enjoy it while you can, young Laranas!

Casting on The Echo recently got moving so expect to hear more on the remake very soon!

Johnny Butane

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