Horror at the Oscars – Part Three

Tremors? Nightbreed? Sundown: The Vampire in Retreat? 976-EVIL? Are all on the list this year. And though there were not huge horror wins in sound editing through screenplays, the Technical Awards never cease to bring out the horror veterans. Notably Tim Drnec who contributed to such VHS classics as Alien Seed, Destroyer, and Prison won for his work on “Spydercam 3D volumetric suspended cable camera technologies.” An award also shared with Ben Britten Smith and Matt Davis who both also worked on Constantine.

But among all the winners, the Academy also honored some great loses in 2010. And though they mentioned some of our heroes, Dennis Hooper (Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2), Kevin McCarthy (Invasion of the Body Snatchers) and Dino de Laurentiis (King Kong), they did not mention Zelda Rubinstein or Corey Haim. But we will in this last section and the others lost to us last year.

So farewell fight fans and remember, when you’re pouring ooze all over your sister to make your very first zombie film. Or have been shooting 16 straight hours on a rubber-suit-monster-run-amock flick your future might involve gracing the stage at the Oscars. So buck up, pour on that slime and gore maybe you’ll make this list sooner then you think.

And so we roll onward towards that great Class of Nuke’em High-like wasteland that is the final section of Horror at the Oscars. “The saw is family.

Horror at the OscarsSound Editing


Inception, Richard King
Horror creed: The Exorcist, Cirque du Freak: The Vampire’s Assistant


Toy Story 3
Tom Myers
Horror cred: Pitch Black, Lake Placid, Mimic

Tron: Legacy

Gwendolyn Yates Whittle
Horror cred: Mimic, Dracula 2000

Addison Teague
Horror cred: Hellraiser: Inferno

True Grit
Skip Lievsay
Horror cred: Madman, “Tales from the Darkside”– A Case of the Stubborns

Craig Berkey
Horror cred: Full Eclipse, Darkman II: The Return of Durant

Mark P. Stoeckinger
Horror cred: Poltergeist II: The Other Side, “Tales from the Crypt”

Sound Mixing

WINNER: Inception, Gary Rizzo, Ed Novick, Lora Hirschberg: Horror cred: Mimic


Gary A. Rizzo
Horror cred: The Terminator

Ed Novick
Horror cred: Exterminator 2

The King’s Speech
Martin Jensen
Horror cred: “Frankenstein” (TV movie)

John Midgley
Horror cred: Howling II: Your Sister Is a Werewolf, Hellraiser, Hellbound: Hellraiser II, Nightbreed

Jeffrey J. Habous
Horror cred: My Demon Lover, The Hidden, Maniac Cop, Pumpkinhead, Vampire at Midnight, Cameron’s Closet, 976-EVIL, Lucky Stiff, Twice Dead, Jack’s Back, Cutting Class, Tremors, Sundown: The Vampire in Retreat, A Gnome Named Gnorm, Repossessed, Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare, Body Snatchers

Greg P. Russell
Horror cred: The Hand, Force of Darkness, From Beyond, My Demon Lover, Maniac Cop, Jack’s Back, Pumpkinhead, Vampire at Midnight, Cameron’s Closet, Wicked Stepmother, Prime Evil, 976-EVIL, A Nightmare on Elm Street: The Dream Child, Repossessed, “Tales from the Crypt”

Scott Millan
Horror cred: Cast a Deadly Spell, Stigmata

William Sarokin
Horror Cred: 1989, Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan

The Social Network
Ren Klyce
Horror cred: Se7en

David Parker
Horror cred: Creature, April Fool’s Day, My Best Friend Is a Vampire, Pin, The Fly II, Amityville: A New Generation, Tremors II: Aftershocks

Michael Semanick
Horror cred: Amityville: A New Generation, Pitch Black

Mark Weingarten
Horror cred: Freddy’s Dead: The Final Nightmare

True Grit
Skip Lievsay
Horror cred: Madman, “Tales from the Darkside”– A Case of the Stubborns

Craig Berkey
Horror cred: Full Eclipse, Darkman II: The Return of Durant

Greg Orloff
Horror cred: Jacob’s Ladder, Trilogy of Terror II, Alien: Resurrection, I Still Know What You Did Last Summer

Peter F. Kurland
Horror cred: The Addams Family

Visual Effects


Inception, Paul Franklin
Horror cred: Resident Evil: Apocalypse

Chris Corbould
Horror cred: Lifeforce, Nightbreed, Alien³, Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles, The Mummy

Andrew Lockley
Horror cred: AVP: Alien vs. Predator, Grindhouse

Peter Bebb
Horror cred: Pitch Black


Alice in Wonderland
David Schaub
Horror cred: Hollow Man, Godzilla (1996), The Craft

Sean Phillips
Horror cred: Species

Tim Burke
Horror cred: ”The Hunger”

John Richardson
Horror cred: The Devils, Phase IV, The Omen, Warlords of the Deep, People That Time Forgot, The Watcher in the Woods, Aliens, Ghost in the Machine, Deep Blue Sea

Michael Owens
Horror cred: The Witches of Eastwick, Van Helsing

Bryan Grill
Horror cred: Species II

Stephan Trojansky
Horror cred: Anatomy

Iron Man 2
Janek Sirrs
Horror cred: Needful Things

Ben Snow
Horror cred: Van Helsing

Daniel Sudick
Horror cred: Wolf, The Haunted Mansion

Best Writing, Screenplay Based on Material Previously Produced or Published


The Social Network, Aaron Sorkin


27 Hours
Danny Boyle
Horror cred: Sunshine, 28 Days Later…, 28 Weeks Later

True Grit

Joel Coen
Horror cred: The Evil Dead, Fear No Evil

Best Writing, Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen

The King’s Speech
David Seidler


The Kids Are All Right
Lisa Cholodenko
Horror cred: The Lawnmower Man

Technical Achievement Awards


Greg Ercolano
Horror cred: RoboCop 2

Chris Allen
Horror cred: The Haunted Mansion, Scary Movie 3, Queen of the Damned, Thir13en Ghosts, Hollow Man, The Relic, Blade

Gautham Krishnamurti
Horror cred: Species

Mark A. Brown
Horror cred: Blade, Alien: Resurrection, The Relic

Tony Clark
Horror cred: Queen of the Damned, Man-Thing, Cut

Rory McGregor
Horror cred: Cut

Dr. Mark Sagar
Horror cred: King Kong (2005)

Mark Noel
Horror cred: The Relic, Terminator 2: Judgment Day

John Frazier
Horror cred: Drag Me to Hell, The Haunting, Child’s Play 3, The Hills Have Eyes (1977)

Alex MacDonald
Horror cred: Van Helsing

Mark Chapman
Horror cred: Terminator Salvation

Tim Drnec
Horror cred: The Creature of the Sunny Side Up Trailer Park, Constantine, The Haunted Mansion, Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, The Shining (1995), Slaughter of the Innocents, Cannibal! The Musical, Alien Seed, Destroyer, Prison

Ben Britten Smith
Horror cred: Constantine

Matt Davis
Horror cred: Constantine

In Memoriam:

John Barry
Horror cred: King Kong (1976)

Grant Mccune
Horror cred: Lifeforce, Ghostbusters 2

Tony Curtis
Horror cred: Chamber of Horrors, Rosemary’s Baby, The Boston Strangler, The Manitou

Tom Mankiewicz
Horror Cred: “Tales From The Crypt” — Loved to Death

Gloria Stuart
Horror cred: The Invisible Man (original 1933 and 2001 TV versions), The Old Dark House

William Fraker
Horror cred: Rosemary’s Baby, Exorcist II: The Heretic, The Island of Dr. Moreau (1996), Incubus (1966 all-Esperanto William Shatner movie)

Lionel Jeffries
Horror cred: The Revenge of Frankenstein, First Men In The Moon, The Quatermass Xperiment

Sally Menke
Horror cred: Death Proof

Leslie Nielsen
Horror cred: Forbidden Planet, Day of the Animals, Creepshow, Dracula: Dead and Loving It, Repossessed, Scary Movie 3 and 4, Stan Helsing; various episodes of “Alfred Hitchcock Presents” and “Night Gallery”

Pete Postlethwaite
Horror cred: The Omen (2006), Dark Water, Alien 3, Split Second

Pierre Guffroy
Horror cred: The Tenant

Patricia Neal
Horror cred: Ghost Story

Robert Culp
Horror cred: Santa’s Slay, XTRO 3: Watch The Skies, Silent Night, Deadly Night III: Better Watch Out!, Spectre, various episodes of “Alfred Hitchcock Presents;” “The Outer Limits;” “The Dead Zone”

Lynn Redgrave
Horror cred: Spider

Elliott Kastner
Horror cred: Angel Heart, The Blob (1988), Jack’s Back, Zombie High, Nomads

Dede Allen
Horror cred: The Addams Family, Terror from Year 5000

Peter Yates
Horror cred: Krull

Anne Francis
Horror cred: Forbidden Planet, Haunts of the Very Rich, episodes of “The Twilight Zone” and “Alfred Hitchcock Presents”

Theoni Aldredge
Horror cred: Eyes of Laura Mars, Ghostbusters, The Rage: Carrie 2

Alan Hume

Horror cred: Lifeforce, The Watcher In The Woods, The Legacy, Warlords of the Deep, At The Earth’s Core, The Land That Time Forgot, From Beyond The Grave, The Legend of Hell House, Carry On Screaming!, Dr. Terror’s House of Horrors, The Kiss of The Vampire, Return of The Jedi, “Tales From The Crypt”

Irvin Kershner
Horror cred: Eyes of Laura Mars, Robocop 2

Dennis Hopper
Horror cred: The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, Land of The Dead, Witch Hunt, Firestarter 2: Rekindled, Unspeakable, The Crow: Wicked Prayer, “Twilight Zone”

Dino de Laurentiis
Horror cred: King Kong (1976), Orca, Amityville II: The Possession, The Dead Zone, Cat’s Eye; Silver Bullet, Maximum Overdrive, Sometimes They Come Back, Army of Darkness, Hannibal, Red Dragon, Hannibal Rising, King Kong Lives, The Witches (1967), Goliath and The Vampires

Kevin McCarthy
Horror cred: Invasion of The Body Snatchers (original and 1978), Ghostbusters, The Howling, Twilight Zone: The Movie, Dark Tower, Innerspace, Addams Family Reunion, Ghoulies III: Ghouli Go To College : Her Morbid Desires, Trail of The Screaming Forehead, “Tales From The Crypt Episode”: Curiosity Killed, various “Alfred Hitchcock Present” and “Twilight Zone episodes

Our loved ones the Academy missed:

We lost some great genre talents in 2010. And though their image was not projected during the “In Memoriam” on Oscar night, they live in our hearts forever. Below are just a few of their horror accomplishments.

Jean Rollin
Horror creed: Night of the Hunted, Fascination, Lips of Blood, Requiem for a Vampire, The Living Dead Girl, The Rape of the Vampire, Strange Things Happen at Night, The Nude Vampire, Curse of the Living Dead, The Grapes of Death, The Seduction of Amy, Zombie Lake, Two Orphan Vampires, La fiancée de Dracula, Le masque de la Méduse

Ingrid Pitt
Horror cred: The Vampire Lovers, Countess Dracula, The Wicker Man, The Sound of Horror, The House That Dripped Blood, The Asylum, Minotaur, Beyond the Rave, Transmutations

Glenn Shadix
Horror cred: Beetlejuice, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Planet of the Apes, Sleepwalkers, The Final Curtain, “Carnivàle”

John McGarr
Horror cred: Sick Girl, House of the Wolf Man

Fess Parker
Horror cred: Them!

Charles Pierce
Horror cred: The Legend of Boggy Creek, The Town that Dreaded Sundown, Scream Blacula Scream, Killer Bees, “The Twilight Zone: The Series”

Zelda Rubinstein
Horror cred: Poltergeist, Poltergeist II: The Other Side, Poltergeist III, Behind the Mask: The Rise of Leslie Vernon, Wishcraft, Little Witches, “Poltergeist: The Legacy,” “Tales from the Crypt,” “The Night Strangler”

Corey Haim
Horror cred: The Lost Boys, Lost Boys: The Tribe, Silver Bullet

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