Halloween PG-13? Nope!

So because both Grindhouse and Hostel Part II didn’t make the kind of hand-over-fist money that was expected, could Dimension really be asking Rob Zombie to recut Halloween to PG-13? And would Rob even allow that to happen?

Fearnet was the first to post the rumor that perhaps this was the case, but really, can you even imagine Rob coming out and proudly getting behind a PG-13 version of his film, which he’s promised over and over will be the most violent of all the Halloween movies? Neither can we.

STYD caught up with the man, who flat-out denied the rumor, hopefully killing it before it could spread any further. “I don’t watch PG-13 movies, let alone make them,” he told the site. Sounds like Zombie to me!

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I guess this is the perfect time to utilize one of Uncle Creepy’s favorite sayings: “Fuck the weak shit!”

Johnny Butane

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