A Chilly New Way to Dispose of the Corpse of a Loved One

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So you know you’re gonna croak or someone close to you has kicked the bucket. Usually there are only two standard options … burial or cremation. Both are for pussies! A new Swedish company has a third option for those of you out there tough enough to handle the spectacle.

According to Courier Mail Swedish ecological burial company Promessa wants to freeze human bodies and shatter them into millions of pieces using mechanical vibrations. The body is frozen to around -18C and submerged into liquid nitrogen, allowing the body to become brittle. Once the body is sufficiently brittle, it is shocked with mechanical vibrations, shattering it into a powder.

That’s some T-1000 type shit there! For added coolness they should have a ninja dressed in blue shatter you with his martial art skills! Now that’s a badass way to go! Ah, what a wonderful world we live in.

A Chilly New Way to Dispose of the Corpse of a Loved One

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