First Repo! Casting

Alexa Vega cast in Repo! The Genetic OperaOh hell yes.

Ask anyone who’s spoken to me since the project was first announced, and they’ll tell you I cannot wait for Darren Lynn Bousman’s rock opera, Repo! The Genetic Opera; for some reason the idea of someone with Bousman’s sensibilities doing a rock opera just feels all kinds of all right to me.

Bloody Disgusting got word from a reader today that Alexa Vega (pictured, the Spy Kids movies) is the first to join the cast; she’ll be starting to shoot her scenes come August 27th. Wow, does Bousman even allow himself to rest? He just finished Saw IV for God’s sake!

While talking to B-D, Bousman apparently compared Repo! to Tommy and Jesus Christ Superstar in terms of sheer size; it will have a total of 77 songs if you can believe it. Check out the entire story here for more of Bousman’s comments on Repo! and to see some new art from the upcoming graphic novel. Badass!

Johnny Butane

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