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Christopher Shy Creates Stunning IT Fan Posters



Stephen King's It

On this day last year, we posted a piece about artist Christopher Shy and his absolutely astonishing artwork. Seriously, if you don’t believe me, just click on that link and bask in the glory of his work. It’s the kind of art that one would hang proudly on the wall in a place where people have to look at it.

Now Shy is back with a poster that was inspired by the Andy Muschietti-directed Stephen King adaptation of IT. The image is breathtaking, with a level of color and design that would make both King and Pennywise proud! The main poster design shows Pennywise emerging from a sewer pipe with blood trickling out to spell “IT”. Above Pennywise is the hint of a screaming face in the cold concrete while steam wafts upwards. The variant is the same poster but without Pennywise and, for some reason, I kinda like it more. In my mind, it’s more sinister to not see the villain than to have him front and center.

If you want to order one of these limited edition posters, you can do so via Art of Ronin.



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