Hulk Hogan and Diamond Dallas Page Wrestle with Sanity in Black River

It was almost fifteen years ago when “Hollywood” Hulk Hogan and “Diamond” Dallas Page were feuding in World Championship Wrestling. They’ll be contending again in the thriller Black River that casts DDP as a man on the brink and the Hulkster as a psychopathic serial killer.

You read that last part correctly. Hulk Hogan as a serial killer. More importantly, Hulk Hogan in a dramatic role. Anyone familiar with the acting career of Hulk Hogan knows Hogan rarely ever does dramatic roles and rarely ever plays anyone other than Hulk Hogan (and he’s sometimes not even good at playing himself). The idea of Hulk Hogan as a serial killer has the potential to be awesome or an awesome train wreck.

Here’s the synopsis for the dark thriller from director Joe Eckhardt and screenwriter Eric Anderson.

“After losing his son to a tragic accident, Clayton Elie’s life was destroyed by alcohol abuse and violence that ended his marriage. When he moves to the small Midwestern town of Black River in an attempt to begin again, he finds himself at the center of a series of murders that echo a long dormant secret from the town’s past. After several sleepless nights that lead to a long night of heavy drinking and a subsequent blackout, Clayton awakens the next morning to find his neighbor and her small child brutally murdered and the murder weapon inside his apartment. When he is forced to hide the evidence by the untimely arrival of an FBI profiler, Clayton’s life rapidly deteriorates into a storm of violence, murder and small town intrigue. Is Clayton a cold-blooded killer or the victim of a malevolent force that has descended upon the town of Black River?”

Black River is being produced by Rock On! Films, with which director Eckhardt has two other notable films in various stages of production. One is Shock, about a woman who survives an electrocution only to find she now has a psychic link with a serial killer being pursued by a detective played by Edward Furlong. The other, College Fright Night, stars another famous ex-wrestler, “Rowdy” Roddy Piper, and “Saved by the Bell” nerd Dustin Diamond. The synopsis for that one goes something like this.

“What’s college without beer, babes, and vampires?!? Campus life (or lack thereof) is about to take on a whole new meaning when the University, and potentially the rest of the world, finds itself in danger from an army of the undead. Alex and Brock are your typical small college jocks dealing with an annoying residence assistant, wacko monster-obsessed professor, head case for a coach, and of course lots of drunken women. Their lives get flipped upside down when a suspension from the football team saves them from being turned into blood-sucking minions. But with the authorities not buying their story, the pair must round up the few locals that do and hope they alone can stop a growing number of vampires, zombies, and even a werewolf before they turn everyone in town into a world conquering monster militia.”

But getting back to Black River; check out the teaser below. No sign of serial killer Hulk Hogan in the minute long tease, unfortunately, just Dallas Page being emotionally tormented in a manner that almost gives the promo the feel of a really intense Church of Latter-Day Saints PSA.

Hulk Hogan and Diamond Dallas Page Wrestle with Sanity in Black River

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  • eanderso

    Actually, Furlong plays a detective involved in the case in SHOCK.


    • The Woman In Black

      Thanks for the correction — we’ve updated the story accordingly.

  • Vanvance1

    There’s already a Koontz adaptation called Black River. Are we really that short on titles that now they have to be recycled?

    Also, are we really that short on piss poor actors that we need ex fake wrestlers in our movies?

  • GJW

    NO. Just………………..NO.

    I’m not gonna kill you. Your job will be to tell the rest of them that death is coming for them, tonight. Tell them Eric Draven sends his regards.

  • Genrewriter

    That sounds just strange enough to work, though lord knows I’ve been wrong in that assessment before.

    • eanderso

      “just strange enough to work”

      That’s the plan.

  • kalebson

    LOL nice LDS comment there.