Terror Runs Skin Deep in Infectus

You know what screws with us more than just your average ghosts, zombies, or creatures? Infections. Skin melting, body itching, boil oozing infections. I’m getting itchy just writing this story!

Coming from director Shane Cole and featuring F/X work by one of the hottest chicas working in the field of effects, Emma Jacobs (Black Swan, Jennifer’s Body, My Bloody Valentine 3D, Rise of the Apes), Infectus tells the tale of an infection gone completely wild that turns its hosts into mindless and homicidal killing machines. We love that kinda stuff!

For more on the flick visit Undead Brainspasm and the Masked Films website.

Paul and Jennifer come to Rockport, Maine, to shoot a movie about a cryptid convention where enthusiasts trade stories of their encounters. Their project turns nightmarish when a real cryptid infects a local and sends him spiraling into a rabies-like rampage.

Terror Runs Skin Deep in Infectus

Terror Runs Skin Deep in Infectus

Terror Runs Skin Deep in Infectus

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