Pics From Bullets Trailer

Derek Mears as vampire!Yesterday we showed you the really cool trailer made for the new vampire graphic novel 13 Bullets (review). In it, you get to watch actor Derek Mears get made up like the kind of bloodsucker you’ll find in the book, and things don’t go well for makeup artist Jenn Rose.

Apparently though, before VampMears destroyed poor Jenn, they were able to get him to sit still for a batch of very badass photos like the one you see to your right. You have photographer Chad Michael Ward to thank for those, the rest of which you can see right here.

Impressed? Yeah, I was too, hence the story. More of Chad’s photography can be seen by checking out Digital Apocalypse, his official site. If you’re into dark photography, you’re going to love this, but be careful: It is most definitely not work safe!

Johnny Butane

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