First Word and Artwork for Scorpio Film Releasing’s Exhumed

While we had heard 2009: Mutants of the Apocalypse was going to be the next project for Scorpio Film Releasing, it turns out that instead they’re moving forward with Exhumed, a uniquely original vision of horror written by Guy Benoit (Atomic Brain Invasion), produced by Ted Marr (The Disco Exorcist), and directed by Richard Griffin (Nun of That).

The production will star Sarah Nicklin (Nun of That), Michael Reed (The Disco Exorcist), Ruth Sullivan (Nun of That), Michael Thurber (The Disco Exorcist), Rich Tretheway (Atomic Brain Invasion), Jonathan Thomson, and genre great Debbie Rochon as the Governess.

Exhumed deals with a twisted family that is seemingly unable to leave their own home. Their gnarled existence and mounting animosity finally give way to violence and visceral panic. Exhumed’s closest living relatives would perhaps be The House of the Devil, Ils, and The Strangers. The recently deceased would include the weirdo Hammer efforts of the late 60s and early 70s: The Devil Rides Out, Vampire Circus, etc. Exhumed shares with these movies a claustrophobic fear of what lies inside both the home and the head. Sick stuff.

Set to begin production in May, Griffin describes Exhumed as follows:

“Have you ever noticed that, unlike other genres, Hollywood seems to think that fans of horror will be satisfied with a litany of sequels and remakes without an ounce of new or original content? Perhaps that is because we in the independent community have been lax about bringing new material to the genre as well. How many zombie and vampire movies can be made before that well runs dry? Well, Exhumed is something different, a film about the most malicious and evil creature of all … human beings.”

Sound like something you’d enjoy seeing? Then along with checking out the film’s early poster art below, visit Exhumed on Kickstarter, where the filmmakers are over halfway to their fundraising goal.

Later this year Griffin and his Scorpio Film Releasing will begin production on the aforementioned 2009: Mutants of the Apocalypse, which promises to be their biggest film to date.

First Word and Artwork for Scorpio Film Releasing's Exhumed

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