Crowley to Cleave Canada

Hatchet (click for larger image)Director Adam Green announced today via his MySpace blog that fans in Canada will finally get their chance to sample some good old-school American horror as Hatchet (review here) is set to take the screen at this year’s Fantasia along with his other film Spiral (official MySpace site here)!

As you may recall, about a year ago Green stated that there would be no more film festival showings of Hatchet. So why the change of heart?

“Don’t our Canadian friends deserve a chance to see the movie before it comes out, too?” asks Green in his blog. “I mean why did the rest of the world get a chance to pre-screen it … but not our good friends up North? Not to mention … I haven’t gotten to see the movie with a crowd in almost a year. Nor have I ever been to Canada. So … fuck it. What’s one more last minute festival going to hurt?

But then, not even a day later I found out that Spiral had also been selected for Fantasia. There was even a rumor about playing the two back to back on the same night. Thankfully, they chose to program them on separate nights. I’m not sure how the audience would switch gears so drastically going from an ‘in your face splatterific swamp monster romp’ to an ‘arthouse Hitchcockian psycho-drama about a painter’. So wow — two completely different movies in the same festival at the same time. Kind of a great way to meet Canada, no?

Needless to say I am absolutely, 100%, completely fucking psyched to get up there and see what Canada’s got.” Green continues. “I’ve been getting so many letters from Canadian horror fans begging for Hatchet and asking why I haven’t come there yet … well, here I come motherfuckers! No promises, but you may actually be the FIRST to see the actual finished theatrical version of the film … with all new color and crystal clear sound. And yes, the powers that be promise me that I will be showing up with MY version of the film in hand. So you’ll be seeing it uncut on the big screen.

Can you scream louder than Austin? Are you more fanatical about horror than London? Are you sicker than the Hatchet Army in Los Angeles? Can you party harder than the horror fans in New York? We’ll see. All I know is that I’ve had a lot of big talk from the Canadian horror fans and I’m coming up there ready to be blown away. This will be the inauguration of the Canadian chapter of the Hatchet Army … don’t let me down.”

Speaking of which —

Join the Hatchet Army on MySpace now, and while you’re at it, visit Hatchet‘s official site here, befriend the depraved on Hatchet‘s MySpace page here, and visit Dread Central’s Hatchet archive here.

Hatchet screens on Saturday night July 7th.

Spiral screens on Sunday night July 8th.

Rock and fucking roll!

Uncle Creepy

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