Giant 3D Spiders to be Unleashed on New York City! Exclusive Casting News!

Every arachnophobe’s worst nightmare is headed to the big screen with Spiders 3D. As New York City is poised to fall into their enormous three-dimensional web, only a milk maiden, a Power Ranger, and a Starship Trooper can save the Big Apple from experiencing an eight-legged apocalypse.

Shockingly, “Eight-Legged Apocalypse” has not yet been used as the title of a Syfy original movie.

Though Spiders 3D sounds like the making of a Syfy flick – both the production company Nu Image and the film’s director have a slew of Syfy movies to their credit, I have been assured that a theatrical release is the plan. When I first reported on this film back in May of last year, it was simply Spider 3D (story here) and little was known. Looks like the spiders have since multiplied, production has wrapped, and a new plot synopsis has emerged:

“Following a crash of an old Soviet space station in New York City’s subway tunnel, a new species of poisonous spiders is discovered. Inadvertently the spiders mutate to gigantic proportions and wreak havoc on the entire city.”

I’ve been told from a source close to the production to expect multiple large spiders and one really big spider.

This weekend you’ll get to see Christa Campbell in 3D in Drive Angry; Spiders 3D will give you even more of the lovely Miss Campbell in three voluptuous dimensions as the 2001 Maniacs “Milk Maiden” gets top billing in this arach-attack. She’ll get spider wrangling help from someone who’s no stranger to dealing with giant insects: Patrick Muldoon, whom you probably best remember getting his brains sucked out by a big bug in Starship Troopers. Another spider fighter will be Johnny Yong Bosch, also a seasoned veteran in the field of giant monster fighting; Bosch experienced a three-year tour of duty as a “Mighty Morphin’ Power Ranger”.

Tibor Takacs has spent the past several years helming Syfy movies, including the mutant monster spider flick Ice Spiders, but horror fans should also recognize him as the director of the under-appreciated late Eighties horror flicks The Gate and I, Madman. Takacs is also credited as a co-writer of Spiders 3D with scripter Joseph Farrugia.

Between Spiders 3D and the announced Kingdom of the Spiders 3D remake, the coming year is not going to be a good time for arachnophobic people heading to the movies.

Giant 3D Spiders to be Unleashed on New York City

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