James Marsden and Patrick Wilson Find Horror in the Loft

Hey, man, it happens. You’re trying to cheat on your wife, you don’t wanna get caught. You get advice from friends. It’s all fine and good until corpses start showing up.

According to Variety Patrick Wilson (Insidious) and James Marsden (pictured below; Straw Dogs) are in talks to star in the indie thriller Loft, Anonymous Content’s remake of the 2008 Belgian picture.

Original helmer Erik Van Looy will return to direct from a screenplay by Wesley Strick (A Nightmare on Elm Street), who adapts Bart De Pauw’s original script.

Loft follows five married friends who decide to rent a loft together where they can bring their mistresses. When the body of an unknown woman is found in the loft, they realize that they don’t know each other as well as they thought and begin to suspect one another of murder.

Lesson learned? Keep it in your pants, dumbass! More soon!

James Marsden and Patrick Wilson Find Horror in the Loft

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Steve Barton

You're such an inspiration for the ways that I will never, ever choose to be.

  • Vanvance1

    Wesley Strick should be banned from working in the genre. Maybe the NOES remake was only partly his fault but that’s reason enough.

    • Messiahman

      The fault for the Elm Street remake lies one hundred percent on Fuller and Form. Strick (who’s a perfectly fine writer when left alone – he wrote CAPE FEAR for Scorcese as well as the exceptional TRUE BELIEVER for Joseph Ruben) was a hired gun who did the early drafts, which were then heavily revised by Eric Heisserer, who did exactly what Fuller and Form told him. Those guys are autocrats who control every aspect of the godawful Platinum Dunes films. It’s awfully difficult to put out a good product when it’s sabotaged by the incompetency of bosses.

      The sad fact of the matter is that it’s very hard to determine how good or bad a screenwriter is unless you read his original, unfiltered stuff. If you haven’t read a script, you have no idea of its quality. So many fingers get put into the pie, so many bad decisions come from a multitude of people that the blame can’t easily be assigned.

      Platinum Dunes, however, hires good writers and then proceeds to utterly destroy their material.

      Honestly, it’s a miracle that ANY script survives the development process intact.

      • GJW

        What percentage (on average) of original scripts do we typically never see. Would you say 20%,30%,more?

        I’m not gonna kill you. Your job will be to tell the rest of them that death is coming for them, tonight. Tell them Eric Draven sends his regards.