Jonathan Liebesman Talks Clash of the Titans Sequel, Wrath of the Titans

Know what’s refreshing? When you get a good vibe off of someone who’s working hard to make the best movie they possibly can, because they honestly know what they’re doing and understand where things have gone wrong in the past. I speak of Wrath of the Titans director Jonathan Liebesman.

In an interview with Collider Liebesman spoke a bit about what fans can expect from the sequel.

“For me, taking Greek mythology and all that fantasy and putting it in a real world that’s epic, like Gladiator, like a big Ridley Scott movie, and taking all that fantasy and putting it in, grounding it, making it feel real, that’s the movie that I wanted to see when I walked into Clash 1 and that’s the movie that Clash 2 is gonna be. That’s what I was looking for, I was looking to come in and have a real, intense, visceral kick-ass experience with spectacle but grounded, with great actors, and that’s what the second one will be.”

And the angels sing. Liebesman also confirmed that the shoot is scheduled for 78 days and he will not be filming in 3D but the entire production has been conceived as a 3D picture (unlike the first film). There will be a 3D stereographer on set to make sure all goes correctly.

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Sam Worthington (Perseus), Gemma Arterton (Io) and Ralph Fiennes (Hades) are attached to the sequel, and in talks are James Franco to play Poseidon’s son, Agenor, and Javier Bardem as Ares, god of war.

Wrath of the Titans has a tentative release date of spring 2012.

Jonathan Liebesman Talks Clash of the Titans Sequel, Wrath of the Titans

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