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Dead of Winter director Jeff Fisher on the set!The other day I dropped a line to Russ Terlecki, one of the producers behind Rob (Wrong Turn) Schmidt’s latest film, The Alphabet Killer, just to see how things were going. Apparently editing is under way for that title (more on that soon), but he told me about another project he just produced, a horror flick called Dead of Winter.

Directed by TV vet Jeff Fisher (most famously he directed Season 2 of “The Simple Life”), Dead of Winter is the story of a reality show that goes wrong when the participants are stranded in a remote Northern town where, of course, a maniacal killer is on the loose. Can never be a remote Northern town where a clown is on the loose, out to make people laugh their problems away instead of giving them new, painful ones, can it?

We talked to Fisher (pictured on set to the right) about shooting the film which took place, fittingly, in the middle of nowhere: “Shooting overnights in the woods about an hour outside of Minneapolis was legitimately scary,” he told us. “What looked like the picture perfect campground by day became woods that were way too easy to get lost in at night. It added a lot of bang to the chase/stalk sequences though!”

Of course, it doesn’t mean much to have atmospheric chase scenes if you’re not buying the characters, but thankfully he told us that wasn’t an issue. “The caliber of actors we got to work with really upped the ante. Paul Wesley (of the ABC Family movie Fallen), Kaley Cuoco (The Hollow, “Charmed”), Gloria Votsis (The Education of Charlie Banks) and the rest of the cast were so solid, when it comes time for them to play scared, I 100% believed they were fighting for their lives!”

No word on when or how Dead of Winter will be out, but with this odd assortment of talent behind it, I’m sure we’ll be hearing about it again sooner rather than later. One other interesting thing I wanted to point out is this article over on US, in which Fisher explains inspiration for the film and how much he enjoyed working with Paris Hilton on “The Simple Life”. I have to say it’s almost refreshing to read someone saying something positive about her for once…

Keep it here for more as we learn it!

Johnny Butane

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