Sean Daniel Acquires Film Rights to Dead Island Video Game

With the Internet abuzz about the Dead Island video game trailer that debuted a short while ago, of course it was just a matter of time before a big-time Hollywood producer snapped up the film rights. Said producer in question is Sean Daniel, who has been making movies for 20 years and before that was a studio executive at Universal.

According to HitFix Daniel recently established The Sean Daniel Company, and they’re the ones who bought the rights to the game. Techland, the Polish developer for the game, has got to be dancing in the streets right now. This is a game that had been delayed and that had fallen off the radar after being announced a few years ago. As soon as that trailer, created by Axis Animation, popped up online, Dead Island went from “troubled game that’s taken forever to come out” to “game everyone will play this fall because the awareness on it is gigantic.”

However, Techland has been careful in the wake of the trailer’s viral explosion to state that what you see in the trailer isn’t part of the game, but is simply meant to suggest “the sorts of things that could happen in this world,” which suggests that the characters in the trailer aren’t even part of the game.

The game takes place on a resort island that has been taken over by zombies, and one of the novel ideas in it is that you don’t get the typical weaponry we’re used to in survival horror. Instead, you can only use the objects you’d find in a resort hotel or scattered around an island, and it’s up to you to figure out how to use the things you find as weapons.

In any event, it’ll be interesting to see what Daniel comes up with. His resume is certainly varied and includes supervising films like National Lampoon’s Animal House and Do The Right Thing as well as working on Dazed and Confused, Tombstone, The Mummy, and The Wolfman.

Dead Island – Announcement Trailer
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Sean Daniel Acquires Film Rights to Dead Island Video Game

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