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Ghost Ship Sets Sail On DVD



Terror has set sail on the high seas, as director Robert Young’s Ghost Ship has just set sail on UK DVD. Originally titled Curse of the Phoenix, the film won the Platinum Award for Fantasy/Horror Film at WorldFest Houston back in 2015, and whilst it’s certainly taken a while to come to home video, this is still essential viewing.

With a name like Ghost Ship, I don’t think I need to offer plot details, but it’s about the ghost of a woman who haunts a ship and believes that a new tour guide is her long lost true love, putting the young man and those close to him in grave danger.

Written by Hugh Janes, Ghost Ship stars Charlotte Badham, Josie Connor, Kevin Horsham, Sheena May and James Kennan, and was edited by Oscar nominee Kant Pan.

A young man’s obsession with a woman who died 160 years ago endangers those he loves and himself when the Wraithe returns to haunt them.

A romantic young man, Josh, is haunted by a strange, beautiful apparition – The Wraithe. She believes Josh is her lost true love and tries to claim him for herself, putting Josh and any woman close to him, in mortal danger!



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