No Dark Hour for US

The Dark Hour (click to see it bigger!)Another cool-sounding zombie film that has, for whatever reason, not managed to find any distro in our country is making news today because of its sales pretty much everywhere else.

Variety is reporting that Elio Quiroga’s The Dark Hour (La Hora fria) has been scooped up for release in the UK, Germany, Japan, Russia, Portugal, the Phillipines and Turkey. Sheesh. But the US? Not a word. Though buzz for the film has been positive so far, it just can’t manage to find a way to get released here.

The story is of eight people who are trapped inside a crumbling institution, unable to leave because of the forces that lurk outside, forces so evil that they won’t even speak of them. Food is running low, tensions are running high, and eventually something has to snap.

Hopefully we’ll have good news about someone getting the film here soon, but if nothing else you can keep your eyes out for a Spanish DVD sometime this winter as The Dark Hour is set for release in its Spanish homeland this September.

Johnny Butane

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