Create Some of Horror’s Most Iconic Houses Using Only Paper

One of the things I love about the horror community is how damn creative some of you are. From cosplay outfits to custom props to t-shirt designs to short films, some of you embrace horror and not only take it in but give back with your creations. It’s always exciting to see what you have cooked up and I hope that passion never abates.

Take for example Universal Orlando Halloween Horror Nights design team member Ray Keim, who runs the website Haunted Dimensions. It’s a site that focuses on art and projects that can be constructed in 3D, such as Gingerbread Houses, Mansions, and more. But what I found to be incredible is the section that focuses on how to create iconic horror houses using paper. Using specific tools and Keim’s instructions, people can print out a kit of a horror house model and construct it for their own pleasure. Think of it like putting together a puzzle, expect here you’ll need an X-acto knife, some glue, and a hell of a lot of patience. Also, knowing myself, I’d add a box of band-aids because I’m bound to get some paper cuts.

Below are some examples of his Bates House from Psycho but if you go to the website you can also find projects for the Haddonfield house from Halloween, 112 Ocean Avenue from The Amityville Horror, various Haunted Mansions, the Colonial Theater from The Blob, and more.

All Keim asks is that if you put any of them together that you make sure his, “…name and credit appear on the model and documents. And please do not repackage it, or try to sell it in a modified form.

Also, a quick thanks to The Dirge for the heads up!

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