Vampire Chicks With Chainsaws

Vampire Chicks With Chainsaws!In my neverending quest to bring you information about the oddest, schlockiest horror movies coming down the pike, I give you…


“All the myths about vampires are just that. Crosses, holy water, garlic-they do absolutely nothing! The only thing that can kill a vampire has been injected into Quinn, a rough and rugged hillbilly with a chip on his shoulder. Now he is wanted by both vampires and those who want to destroy them. Quinn’s only hope of survival is Karel, a renegade vampire warrior who does the unthinkable–she falls in love with him.”

Sure, that doesn’t sound like the movie imaginative of horror films, but writer-director-producer Carlos Don Diego’s tale of bloodsucking undead femme fatales features something not often found in vampire flicks: chainsaws.

The trailer shows that axes, firearms, and fisticuffs also play a role in the carnage and mayhem, but the really – it’s all about the chainsaws. It’s called Vampire Chicks with Chainsaws, not Vampire Chicks That Shoot You, after all.

Not much info to go on about this one, though you can head over to the mostly barebones Vampire Chicks With Chainsaws site to view the trailer for the low budget maelstrom of babes, bald guys, fangs, and, of course, chainsaws.

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