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Horror invading your home this Tuesday, June 12th, 2007…

Click here to see it bigger!Blood & Chocolate (2007)
Directed by Katia Van Garnier

Though not nearly as terrible as it had the potential to be, this barely horror film is really the kind of thing you should point your teenage daughter towards if she’s inclined to start with scary movies but still wants to see cute boys. Based on a YA novel of the same name, the story follows a wolf girl who is struggling against who she really is and falls in love with aforementioned cute boy. Check out our DVD review for Blood and Chocolate here for more! Buy it here!

Click here to see it bigger!The Clown Murders (1976)
Directed by Martyn Burke

Wait, John Candy? In a horror movie? What the hell is that all about? And with such a terrible title, too. The film follows four friends who kidnap one of their girlfriends in what is supposed to be an innocent prank, but pretty soon they’re being picked off left and right by a real psychotic clown, which is the role I really hope John Candy is in, though something tells me he only has a bit part. Buy it here!

Click here to see it bigger!Creature Features Collection
Directed by Various

A collection of three 45-minute documentaries about some of the best our genre has to offer. The Beasts has clips from movies like Aliens, The Thing and more; The Machines tells of our fascination with the horrors of technology and has clips from The Terminator and, of course, War Games; finally, The Dead is the on you’re really going to like. How death and dying effects our films and what they say about our inherit fear of death featuring clips from Army of Darkness, Poltergeist and more. Buy it here!

Click here to see it bigger!Death Knows Your Name (2007)
Directed by Daniel de la Vega

A freaky sounding premise, this one is. A scientist working in an insane asylum starts digging into the place’s past when he shares his nightmares with one of his patients. After one such nightmare he goes even deeper and into the hospital and finds a human skull that unleashes a horrible curse on the asylum. While he deals with those repercussions his anthropologist father figures out that the skull actually belongs to the man who found it. How the hell does that work? Find out tomorrow! Buy it here!

Click here to see it bigger!Forest of the Dead (2005)
Directed by Brian Singleton

Now this sounds like a fun concept for a movie! A group of friends traveling cross-country stop at an abandoned summer camp and are almost immediately slaughtered horribly. A second group arrives shortly after, only to find that the first group are now bloodthirsty cannibalistic creatures, ready to stalk and eat anyone who they can get their hands on. Who will survive and what will be left of them? Buy it here!

Click here to see it bigger!Ghost Rider (2007)
Directed by Mark Steven Johnson

Oh man, did Nic Cage screw this one up. And yes, I blame him completely. He was the big GR fan from the outset and really wanted to see this made, and look how it turned out. A bad hairpiece and pretending to be years younger than anyone would believe he actually is. Though I guess it was kind of fun in it’s own right, it still could’ve been a lot more, you know? Check out our DVD review of Ghost Rider for more. Buy it here!

Click here to see it bigger!Hardcore Horrors
Directed by Various

You go ahead and tell me if you’ve ever heard of any of the films in this box set of “hardcore” horrors; Hollywood Vampyr, Soul of the Demon, Terror at Baxter U, This Darkness, The Vulture’s Eyes and The Witching? No? Me, either but at least it has a cool cover right? Here’s a cheap way to watch some indie horror and you never know, maybe there is a diamond in all this rough? Buy it here!

Click here to see it bigger!Hellboy: Blood & Iron (2007)
Directed by Tad Stones

Tad Stones returns to direct another animated Hellboy adventure and judging by everything I’ve read, this one is even better than Sword of Storms (review). This time out, Big Red, Abe, Liz Sherman and Prof. Bloom travel to the very haunted mansion of an eccentric millionaire, whose been collecting all sorts of supernatural artifacts of Blood Countess Elizabeth Bathory for years. Unfortunately it causes all manner of problems for the BPRD folks and many fights with many monsters ensue. Check our DVD review of Hellboy: Blood & Iron for more! Buy it here!

Click here to see it bigger!Masters of Horror: The Screwfly Solution (2007)
Directed by Joe Dante

In the near future, whenever men become sexually aroused they brutally attack and usually kill a woman instead of what men do now when aroused; the solution is to utilize the same type of method we used to take care of the screwworm; release sterile males into the world so we can’t reproduce. At it’s heart the story tries to be as politically and culturally motivated as Dante’s season one episode, “Homecoming”, but more or less falls flat. Check out our DVD review for “The Screwfly Solution” for more! Buy it here!

Click here to see it bigger!Morbid Mutilations
Directed by Various

Wow, another collection of indie horror films you’ve never heard of all gathered together for release? How could we get any luckier!? Sorry, I guess I should be happy Mill Creek it’s putting out deceiving-covered semi-horror films that would be more fitting under the Lifetime banner like some other company we know of… This set features Nightmare Asylum, Dead 7, Hell’s Highway, Tales of Terror, Shower of Blood and Massacre. Buy it here!

Click here to see it bigger!Primeval (2007)
Directed by Michael Katleman

Well, look who’s finally ownning up to the fact that they put out a movie about a giant crocodile. And of course, because the movie did shit business when it came out, they assume their original marketing plan of never mentioning the crocodile was the reason so it’s time for the other extreme; all croc all the time! You know what the weirdest thing is, to me? Some people have been saying it’s really not that bad of a movie. And hey, at least it does have a giant crocodile in it, right? Check our DVD review of Primeval for more! Buy it here!

Click here to see it bigger!Sadistic Sinners
Directed by Various

And the final collection of “rare” horror films from Mill Creek Entertainment/Pendulum Pictures; Sadistic Sinners! I’m sorry, but is that a heavily Photoshopped image of a girl with a pacifier in her mouth on the cover? If so… ew. This collection features Autopsy: A Love Story, Dead is Dead, Demon Seduction, Goth, ShadowHunters and, of course Terror Toons. Hey! I’ve heard of that last one! Nice! Buy it here!

Click here to see it bigger!The Shock Cinema Collection
Directed by Various

Wow, a collection of interviews and behind the scenes footage from some of the best of the indie horror world… 10 years ago. But seriously, this 4+hour collection has interviews with Charlie Band, Jeff Burr, Scott Spiegel, J.R. Bookwalter, Forrey Ackerman, David DeCoteau and a lot more, and it’s hosted by Brinke Stevens. So you can pop this in and pretend like it’s the late mid to late 90’s all over again! Though why you would want to I have no idea. The second disc contains previously unseen footage, blooper reels, and other assorted bits of wackiness. Buy it here!

Click here to see it bigger!Silk (2006)
Directed by Su Chao-pin

I’ve heard a lot of good things about this one, I just hope it turns out to be as good as those before have said. The story is about a team of paranormal researchers who use an experimental method when investigating a mysterious death and manage to actually capture a ghost; a 13-year old boy. They can see him and not hear him, though, so they bring in a specialist in lip-reading to try and understand why the ghost is stuck on our plane and why he feels the need to kill. Buy it here!

Click here to see it bigger!Zombie Bloodbath Trilogy
Directed by Todd Sheets

Camp Motion Pictures continues their new trend of releasing ridiculously low-budget, shot-on-video affairs of the 90’s on DVD, apparently filling some kind of consumer demand I would not have imagined existed. Herein are three films from Todd Sheets that death with the undead; 1993’s Zombie Bloodbath, 1995’s Zombie Bloodbath 2: Rage of the Undead and 2000’s Zombie Bloodbath 3: Zombie Armageddeon. Buy it here!

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