Final Destination 5 Scribe Teases Creative Deaths

It cannot be easy being a Final Destination screenwriter at this point in the game. Where can you really take the franchise? Or, perhaps it is very easy to write one of these sequels – provided you’re able to come up with some creative death sequences. I’m guessing it’s the latter in today’s instance.

Screenwriter Eric Heisserer unleashed a bit of a tease via his Twitter earlier today. “Saw a cut of #FD5 last week. You guys are gonna love the deaths. Esp the lasik sequence.” He also went on to address some of the complaints leveled against the previous installment in the series – er, The Final Destination – by stating: “There is a LOT of character development in the FD5 script. Unsure how much will survive editing. Fingers crossed.

More than likely it’ll all get cut in favor of bringing the film in under 90 minutes. That’s not always a bad thing, but I’d love to see some legitimately enjoyable characters brought back to a series that has yet to surpass its second installment.

Look for more soon!

Final Destination 5 Scribe Teases Creative Deaths (click for larger image)

Final Destination 5 Scribe Teases Creative Deaths (click for larger image)


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