Cuyle Carvin Checks in With Updates on Alien Opponent and Amused

When we interviewed Cuyle Carvin last March, he talked a little about appearing with “Rowdy” Roddy Piper in the upcoming film Alien Opponent (formerly known as Opponent), and today we have an update on that project along with some early details on Carvin’s own production company’s short film entitled Amused.

Fangoria debuted Synthetic Cinema‘s Alien Opponent trailer a few days ago (check it out below). It’s the tale of a heavily armed alien that lands in a junkyard, leading the owner to offer a $100,000 bounty to whoever can kill it, but she ends up getting more than she bargained for when every wacko with a weapon shows up to collect. Plans are for the flick to debut in late summer/early fall on the Chiller network.

Carvin, who co-stars with Piper, Jeremy London, Ashley Bates, Sari Gagnon, and Adrienne LaValley in the Colin Theys-directed Alien Opponent, says, “It is my fifth horror film, and it’s definitely my favorite genre, to both watch and act in.

As Theys (who also directed Banshee!!!) tells Fango, “It is without a doubt our most accomplished film yet. There’s really nothing else out there quite like this movie. The world is unique, we’ve got some really fun characters and some original sequences. It’s jam-packed with insanity. The production values are up, and the movie is loaded with effects. We were more ambitious on all fronts with Alien Opponent. There are more characters, more deaths, more creatures, more locations, more jokes, more action sequences, and more effects. We also tried to deliver on the premise. Too often you see the trailer for a crazy-looking low-budget film and then discover that every good sequence was in the trailer. We have action sequences that last 10 minutes. There are major setpieces not even seen in the trailer.

Alien Opponent – Trailer
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Cuyle Carvin Checks in With Updates on Alien Opponent and Amused

Now, as for what Cuyle himself has in the works with his By the C Productions, here’s the synopsis for Amused:

After a routine morning filled with errands, Martha returns to her quiet and tranquil country home only to find horror feasting upon her daughter’s scalp. A terrifying chase ensues through the frozen countryside. Alone and desperate, Martha’s left to face the vast isolation as terror lurks and awaits for its chance to pounce.

Amused explores a silent fear of rural living. The peace and quiet that the country life offers might not be worth anything when no one can hear you scream.

The cast is comprised of Elise Rovinsky and Ryan Metzger, and the film was shot on location in the boonies of upstate Oneonta, New York.

Cuyle Carvin Checks in With Updates on Alien Opponent and Amused

Carvin explains his motivation for writing and directing Amused as follows: “The film is based on an article that Stephen King wrote for Entertainment Weekly roughly about the disappearance of good horror films. King said most horror films of late had become reliant on loud sound effects and CGI to scare up audiences. And with the remakes of classic horror films, like the Halloween and Friday the 13th series among others, the story had now shifted to the back story of these characters. He basically asked, ‘Why can’t a killer just be a killer for no reason?’ He also talked about what REAL terror is to him.

“When I read this article, I couldn’t agree more. I thought he was spot on about many things, including how many horror movies seem to follow the same formulas these days. Loud sound effects, CGI, and all the recent films full of back stories.

“I wanted Amused to be based in reality more than anything. I wanted it to make sense. You know the classic move in horror films when women go into the dark basement alone or someone just refuses to run away, instead opting to try and figure out just what’s going on…? Well, I wanted none of that for Amused. I tried to keep it so that the character’s reactions to the horror around her were as natural as possible. To do that, I used the setting of the countryside, where there are not a lot of people living in close proximity. So she had no choice or reason not to try and escape. She’s all alone, with miles between her and a neighbor, and she’s left to nothing but herself to fend off this terror that’s after her. The man (I use that word loosely) that’s after her has no back story; the audience knows nothing about him and learns nothing either. He’s just crazy for no reason. Like Mr. King said, why can’t a killer just be crazy simply because he’s crazy? Why is it always he was beaten as a child or some tragic event made them vengeful? I like that idea.

We like that idea, too, Cuyle! Check out the trailer below and see if you agree. For more visit CuyleCarvin.com.

Amused – Trailer
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