Ghost Riding Again

Ghost Riding again...We’re just a week or so away from the release of Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. Despite sucking more than Jenna Jameson going down on a Hoover Upright in the center of a black hole, the first F4 movie made enough money and gained enough defenders to generate the manufacturing of a sequel. So I guess it should be no surprise that there’s now talk of a Ghost Rider sequel since it too sucked a big one and still made more money than Grindhouse, The Host, and Pan’s Labyrinth combined. Sigh.

You know who I blame for this? You! Yeah, you! You know who YOU are!

Ghost Rider writer/director Stephen Sommers #2, AKA Mark Steven Johnson, just talked with IGN about the possibility of a Ghost Rider sequel, which may or may not happen and he may or may not be involved with. A sequel may not be in the cards for Johnson, who cut his teeth on comedies like Grumpy Old Men, since he professes in the article that he’d actually like for his next project to be something lighter, more comedic in nature. Yeah, because that Ghost Rider movie of his was so damn dark. This is like Kevin Smith bemoaning that for his next movie he’d like to make something more vulgar.

Johnson also does a little bit of passing the buck for the film’s shortcomings, a game he also played after Daredevil came out. Note to Johnson: the lack of action was hardly the start of Ghost Rider‘s myriad of problems.

One thing Johnson speculates on is just what supervillain might show up if and when a Ghost Rider 2 comes about. He tells IGN, “In fact, in my first script it was Scarecrow who was the villain, but then I heard that they were going to put him in the Batman movie. But now having seen it, he wasn’t really in it that much. And the Marvel Scarecrow is really pretty cool, so I think he’d be an excellent villain. I also think there’s a character named Blackout that could be interesting, [and] there’s Vengeance from the later comics.”

And if the villain does turn out to be Scarecrow, Blackout, or Vengeance, the question then becomes, which young Hollywood actor dressed like an extra from The Covenant will be cast in the part?

I say there is only one Ghost Rider supervillain worthy of appearing if a sequel comes about. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you … The Orb!

Just look at him, people! The dude wears an eyeball helmet that fires lasers and hypnotizes people … He’d be a perfect opponent for the Spirit of Vengeance. It would be the Penance Stare vs. the evil eye. Hell, they could even find some way to tie in The Orb to that Magic 8-Ball Eva Mendes’ character brought with her on her date with Johnny Blaze. Remember that great comedic moment?

In case you haven’t noticed from the tone of this article, I hated Ghost Rider.

The Foywonder

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