Popular Video Game Zombies Ate My Neighbors Getting the Screen Treatment?

One of my favorite video games to this day remains Konami’s Zombies Ate My Neighbors, which originally appeared on both the Super NES and the Sega Genesis. Simply put, it was campy horror-loving fun that has endured through the years. Current day gamers with a Wii can even play it on the system’s virtual console right now! For any good property a movie adaptation is never that far away. Speaking of which …

According to First Showing there’s a new film in development called Zombies Ate My Neighbors that is indeed based on the video game of the same name that originally hit in 1993. The film has a screenplay written by John Darko and is currently looking for financiers.

Given how hot (despite being so very cold) the living dead are right now, we wouldn’t be surprised to see this one take off soon. Stay tuned!

Popular Video Game Zombies Ate My Neighbors Getting the Screen Treatment?

Uncle Creepy

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  • will graham

    Aren’t the rights still with Lucasarts, in other words George Lucas?

  • nonserviam03

    Considering this game has almost no story, it should be much easier to adapt than some of the other ones, where they have to cram a 15 hour game into a 2 hour script, so maybe it will be the first successful video game adaptation. Honestly, if they can capture the tongue-in-cheek feel of the game, then I’ll be happy with anything else they do with it. That’s wishful thinking though.

    God I loved this game, but I could never get past those giant worm things.

    • Vanvance1

      I thought Silent Hill worked as a movie (though I admit I’m not intimately familiar with the games).

      Also, the first Mortal Kombat captured the cheesey goodness.