Alex Winter Reveals More Info About The Gate Remake

We’ve been talking about Alex Winter’s proposed 3D remake of The Gate for what feels like forever, right? A show of hands now – how many of you are starting to doubt it’ll ever see the light of day? Not sure today’s news will make a believer out of you, but it does seem like the project is moving full scream ahead.

According to an interview with Icon vs. Icon, The Gate is still ready to unleash hell. It’s just a question of when. “We’re in pre-production. It’s a pretty complicated effects job so I’m not gonna be shooting for a while. I’m not gonna be shooting ‘til the middle or late part of this year. Dealing with 3D test and creature design and all that kind of stuff right now which takes a while.” And while the flick was originally slated for release this fall, Winter says that sometime in 2012 is the new target date.

The Gate joins the seemingly endless ranks of 3D productions, but Winter’s words on the process itself are encouraging: “The Gate, really for me, cinematically is a film whooper. You’re doing one set of people in one house from beginning to end. It’s the whole movie in one house. So the things that you can do with space and architecture and foreground and detail over the course of a hellish journey in one house in 3D is really exciting to me from a film standpoint.

I really want to make a movie that it’s fun and it’s an adventure and it’s not Jaws or Saw, but it is a PG-13 movie for kids that while it’s fun and has humor definitely has some darkness and some edge. And I’ve got kids, I’ve got three, and I know what scares them and I know what makes them laugh, and I’m looking forward to doing both of those things!”

I like the things Winter is saying about this one. Been a long time since we’ve had an honest-to-goodness horror flick for kids, and if done right, it could be lots of fun. Color me interested.

Alex Winter Reveals More Info About The Gate Remake


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