I Am Legend Poster!

I Am Legend teaser poster (click to see it bigger!)Though something tells me this is going to be one of those films historians point to as to how not to make a holiday blockbuster, Francis Lawrence’s I Am Legend is still a movie I can’t help but look forward to.

Coming Soon got a look at the first teaser poster for the film, which I have to say I kinda dig because it’s not selling you on the title, which I’m sure will confuse a lot of people, but rather that it’s post-apocalyptic and stars Will Smith. That is really what is going to make or break I Am Legend, I think; if Joe and Susie Moviegoer still give a shit that Will Smith is the star of something.

For us horror fans, though, it’s a no-brainer; the director of Constantine working from source material by Richard Matheson. Even if you’re only familiar with one of those two aspects it’s probably enough to get our ass in a seat opening weekend and if not, well its also got vampires! Or at least the book did. God knows how much has changed since the budget has become bloated out of he realm of feasibility.

Look for the trailer in front of Ocean’s Thirteen, which I expect you all to see right after Hostel Part II (review) and look for its official site to open soon. I Am Legend is in theaters everywhere this December 14th.

Johnny Butane

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