Editing the Autopsy

New Autopsy info!It’s really a good time to be Adam Gierasch right now. Aside from having co-scripted (with long time partner Jace Anderson) the script for the latest Argento outing, The Mother of Tears, the man is in the process of editing together his first directorial effort, Autopsy, which he also wrote with Anderson and E.L. Katz.

He dropped a line to Fangoria today with some good news on the hospital-set horror picture, which is being scored by Convent and Gravedancers music man Joseph Bishara; “There are no digital effects in the film; it’s all done with practical gore,” he reveals, “Gary Tunnicliffe did a fantastic job, and there are certain scenes that will probably have to be cut down because they’re way too bloody for an R rating—which I’m very happy about. I kept walking around the set saying, ‘Is this an R?’ and when people said, ‘Oh, yes,’ I told them, ‘Then it’s not bloody enough!’”

Yep, sounds like Adam to me. They even went so far into the realm of authenticity as to shoot in a functioning mental facility, and during their time there one of the patients actually got loose! “But they all got caught.” he said, likely a bit disappointed.

Stay tuned for more on Autopsy as it comes down the wire!

Johnny Butane

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