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Netflix Summoning The Devilman



Netflix continue to cement their position as one of the world’s leading producers of original film and television content with a new anime adaptation of Go Nagai’s manga series Devilman, as reported by Anime News Network.

Devilman focuses on a shy teen named Akira who uncovers an ancient demon skull in the ruins of what was once a Mayan temple. When he tries it on, it gives him a glimpse of a long forgotten time when demons ruled the Earth. After learning of the existence of demons, Akira unwillingly bonds with one known as Amon (AKA the Beast of Hell), making him into a kind of demonic superhero.

The series has received previous anime adaptations and was even turned into a live-action film back in 2004. Netflix’s reboot will be called “Devilman: Crybaby”, with Masaaki Yuasa directing (he also directed an episode of “Adventure Time” and a ton of other anime). Ichirō Ōkouchi will handle script duties.

Across all incarnations, Devilman has been noted for its strong violence, with Japanese parent-teacher association groups even trying to get the original manga banned. The franchise is usually referred to among fans as being ultraviolent, and the brief teaser for “Crybaby” certainly delivers to goods in that department. The series will debut on Netflix next year, with options for nine dubbed languages and subtitles in 25 languages.



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