The WTF Friday Video of the Week: Kung Fu From Beyond the Grave

This week’s WTF Friday Video is a clip from a Hong Kong movie from back in the days when Hong Kong movies were truly the masters of WTF. Kung fu, Dracula, evil Chinese wizards, hopping ghosts, laser shooting book pages, exploding garlic, and more mayhem all in one three-minute scene.

The movie is 1982’s Kung Fu From Beyond the Grave. I saw it years ago and can testify to it being completely nutzoid. A young man is out for revenge against his father’s killer. His father’s killer is protected by an evil wizard that does the People’s Eyebrow better than The Rock. Kung fu not being enough to win this battle, the young guy uses the pages of a book of spells to help fight magic with magic.

In this particular clip, our young hero has summoned some bumbling ghosts to assist him in his clash with the henchwizard. The wizard counters by whipping out some hellbucks from who the hell knows where and setting them on fire as a means of paying off Count Dracula (who looks more like a sickly Dick Cavett going to a Halloween party) to come out of retirement from whatever netherworld he currently resides in and help him fight for the forces of evil. What follows can only be described as old school Hong Kong supernatural bedlam at its WTF finest.

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The WTF Friday Video of the Week

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