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Exclusive Reveal: UK Quad Uncovers A Dark Song



A Dark Song - Exclusive Reveal: UK Quad Uncovers A Dark Song

Inspired by the activities of notorious occultist Aleister Crowley, debut director Liam Gavin’s demonic shocker A Dark Song arrives on UK shores this April 7. As we psych ourselves up for the esoteric onslaught to come, here’s an exclusive debut look at the film’s UK quad poster. Shiny!

A Dark Song stars Steve Oram (Sightseers, Aaaaaaaah!), Mark Huberman (Frank, “Band of Brothers”), Susan Loughnane (Trapped, “Love/Hate”) and Catherine Walker (“Versailles”, “Strike Back”).

Sophia is grief-stricken and overwhelmed with sadness since the untimely death of her son. In a desperate attempt to achieve some form of closure, she reaches out to Solomon, an occultist with experience in an ancient invocation ritual that Sophia believes will allow her to make contact with her deceased child.

Locked away in a remote country house, the pair undergo a long and arduous ritual, risking both their mental and physical safety as they attempt to access a world beyond their understanding.

But when Solomon finds out that Sophia has not been truthful about her wish, a greater danger threatens them. In the dark, they find that they are no longer alone in the house. They are now in the world of real angels, and real demons.

A DARK SONG QUAD V0a 2 1024x769 - Exclusive Reveal: UK Quad Uncovers A Dark Song




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