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SXSW 2017: We Speak with Madre Director Aaron Burns



The film festival portion of SXSW may be over, but we’re still in Austin for some random shenanigans that you’ll be seeing on our Twitter, Instagram, and/or Facebook pages!

While we do have plans for some cool stuff to show you in the coming days, we want to highlight a great interview that we did this past weekend with Aaron Burns, director of the psychological thriller Madre. You can see the interview below!

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Madre stars Chilean actress Daniela Ramírez (La Poseída, Los Archivos del Cardenal), Cristobal Tapia Montt (The Stranger), Matías Bassi (Pulseras Rojas), and Aida Jabolin. The film is produced by Nicolás López and Miguel Asensio Llamas.

Diana Prieto (Ramirez) is a four months pregnant wife and mother of Martin (Bassi), who is severely autistic and whose special needs have become overwhelming for her. After a chance encounter with Luz (Jabolin), a gifted Filipino caretaker, Diana regains some sanity in her life as Martin begins to adapt and communicate quickly under the supervision of Luz. However, as he has only been taught to communicate in Filipino, Diana begins to suspect that Luz is using the language barrier to turn Martin against her and into something much more sinister.




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