Death Walks the Streets Creatures!

Death Walks the Streets test work from Robert Kurtzman!Ah, and now we get to talk again about Death Walks the Streets, a movie that’s been a bit of a hot button issue for some horror fans for the simple fact that the filmmakers have been promoting the movie for well over a year now; yet, not a single frame of film has been shot. Yeah, it’s pretty weird, to the point that some have called shenanigans on the guys behind it, but what we were sent a link for today seems pretty serious to me.

What you see on your right is a piece of test art from Robert Kurtzman’s Precinct 13, which has been attached to the project for a very long time now, and it’s actually the first anyone’s seen of anything not created by the promo team behind the movie to date. And fucking hell is it ever cool!

The art showed up over on the site Cin City 2000 as part of what appears to be a long, streaming flow of praise for everyone involved with the movie, despite the fact that, as previously mentioned, there actually is no movie yet. Try not to take the text within too seriously since it seems way over the top to me (the author uses the word “brilliant” way too many times), but you can see the work that’s been done by Kurtzman & Co. as proof positive that things are progressing.

For those not in the know, Death Walks the Streets is the tale of a young man with ties to a group called The Organization. He has just gotten out of prison and is hoping to begin life anew, but his one final assignment sees him entangled with zombies, werewolves, vampires, and the mob. Messiness ensues.

So we’re still waiting to see when the film will be made, but if it ends up looking anywhere near as cool as these creatures, I know I’ll be there opening night.

Johnny Butane

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