First Look at Condemned 2!

Condemned 2!Presumably at the same time as Monolith were giving IGN the exclusive on the sequel to F.E.A.R., they gave them this first interview on Condemned 2: Bloodshot.

So what do we learn (other than that its going to look prettier than the original)? Well the main complaints leveled at the first game are being addressed. Namely level variety, enemy variety and overly linear forensic investigations. Not only will the levels be more varied, with such locations as an abandoned (of course) ship yard and museum being mentioned, they will be more interactive. Not in a “you can turn on the TV” sense, but in a “you can smash a guy’s head through a TV” sense. They call that the Condemned way to make levels more interactive. Sounds good to me!

Multiplayer is coming to the sequel though sadly not co-op, which means that you’ll be able to enjoy the improved combat system against real people, not just crazy bums and freakish mannequin things and God knows whatever else they’ll put into the game.

Unlike the first game, you’ll be able to holster any gun you pick up (though presumably you’ll still be limited to the ammo that was in the gun when you found it) and equip your melee weapon without having to drop the gun.

You can expect a bunch of new things to beat people around the head with naturally, but you’re also going to find some heavy objects you can throw at people such as glass bottles and billiard balls.

As for the forensic sections? In the first game you were basically just walked through these, automatically equipping the right equipment and so on. There aren’t many details on how it’s going to work this time other than that they have completely reworked the system and that a lot of the forensic finds won’t be mandatory as they were in the past. Hopefully that’ll mean those of us that wanted to get their hands dirty doing the detective work will have a better opportunity to do so, without upsetting those that just wanted to get their hands dirty caving in peoples skulls with iron pipes.

We won’t be playing Condemned 2: Bloodshot this year, but its slated for early 2008 for both PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Make sure you check out the concept art in IGN’s gallery; there some appropriately freakish images in there for your afternoon enjoyment!


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