Exclusive: The Collection Goes Before Cameras; Co-writer Patrick Melton Speaks

With director Marcus Dunstan’s The Collection currently shooting in Georgia, we caught up this morning with Patrick Melton, the man who along with Dunstan co-scripted the upcoming sequel to their 2009 flick The Collector as well as several other notable horror films (the Feast franchise and Saw IV-VII as well as the currently in pre-production Piranha 3DD).

Exclusive: The Collection Goes Before Cameras; Co-writer Patrick Melton Speaks“We’re two days in,” Melton said of The Collection, which is currently shooting nights [see below photo from the set], “so it’s early, but things are going well. It’s a twenty-eight-day shoot, which is nine days more than we had on the original film. This one is much more ambitious, and it has been coming along great. I’ll be playing a fireman in a big scene we have planned this evening. That’s all I can say, but when you see the film, look for me as Sexy Fireman #4.”

Directed by Dunstan (who made his directorial debut with the mostly well received The Collector), The Collection’s makeup effects are once again being handled by gore-guru Gary Tunnicliffe, who provided the significant splatter for its predecessor (as well as effects for Scream 4 and My Bloody Valentine, among others). Also returning to the fold is lead actor Josh Stewart, reprising his role of the unlucky burglar ‘Arkin’, a man caught up in the machinations of the film’s masked sadist.

“We’re all cast up at this point, or at least pretty close to it,” Melton communicated of those joining Stewart before the cameras, which include, “Emma Fitzpatrick (The Social Network), Lee Tergesen (OZ, Monster), and Christopher McDonald (Requiem for a Dream, Boardwalk Empire) [pictured below, l-r] amongst many others. We have a good mix of young and veteran actors, and everyone has been really excited thus far.”

Exclusive: The Collection Goes Before Cameras; Co-writer Patrick Melton Speaks

As for where the Liddell Entertainment production has set up, “We’re shooting in Atlanta,” said Melton. “It has a ton of great old buildings that we’re using for various larger sets. While the first one was mainly contained to a house in the middle of nowhere, the scale is larger on this one in all regards. I don’t want to give anything away, but the opening ‘massacre’ is pretty cool. With the Saw films, we always shot for a couple of ‘awe’ moments in terms of spilling blood, and this one could be pretty spectacular. We’ll see how it comes out.”

For more on the film, see our prior conversation with Melton here.

Exclusive: The Collection Goes Before Cameras; Co-writer Patrick Melton Speaks

Sean Decker

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Sean Decker

  • LifeMi

    “the mostly well received The Collector”?

    Did I miss something? Who in the hell thought this was a well-received movie? It’s got a 25% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and a 29 out of 100 on MetaScore. I don’t call that well-received at all.

    • The Woman In Black

      I think the horror community liked it a bit more than the mainstream, but yeah, the reviews were mostly hit or miss.

      • The Buz

        Andrew Kasch does not count as 20 people. As of right now he’s the only person I know that “liked” the film.

        I think this was one of my most hated movies of 2009.

        • LifeMi

          I’m with you on that one, Buz. Only Platinum Dunes’ F13 and Zombie’s H2 pissed me off more in 2009 than The Collector.

          • Vanvance1

            I thought it was okay. The direction was the most disappointing part. I hope this time he focuses on telling the story as opposed to creating several ‘trying too hard’ shots.

        • The Woman In Black

          LOL — well, Decker gave it a 4 and Creepy a 3, so take that for what you will. Poor Andrew gets all the grief.

          • Foywonder

            I’d give it a 2.

            I still want to know why he set up all those traps.

        • Sirand

          I’d give it a 3.