‘Zine Review: Rue Morgue #68

Rue Morgue #68 review!Issue 68
June 2007

Another month, another damn good reason why you should be reading Rue Morgue.

Like I had pointed out in my preview of the issue, the Rue Crew took a bit of a chance by not putting the “it” horror movie, Hostel Part II, on this month’s cover, choosing instead to give some loving (in the from of more art from Gary Pullin) to the Canadian-lensed zombie film Fido (review). The article, by Monica Kuebler, is great and features an interview with director Andrew Curie who makes it very clear, along with the origins of the film and how it got made, that he intends to stick within our relative genre for future outings, as well. And we’re glad to have him.

Dave Alexander chats with title zombie/stand up comedian Billy Connelly for an interesting look into how all zombie actors should be portraying themselves and a review of the excellent soundtrack rounds out their coverage. Hopefully it’ll be enough to get you out there to see this during it’s limited release, because damnit Fido really deserves every bit of love we can give.

From there is a great look at the recent Steve Niles/Bernie Wrightson team-up City of Others that almost literally made me cross Heaven and Earth (well, the Mass/New Hampshire border…) to find copies of the first few issues, only to come up dry. These are two amazing forces in our genre and the product of their collaboration sounds like everything you’d want it to be and more.

Then another great article on another horror import, Jonathan King’s Black Sheep (review), for which Dave Alexander dives into the Kiwi director’s brain to find out why he’s got so many issues with sheep and why now is a great time to be a New Zealand filmmaker. Like Curie King also makes his intentions of staying in our genre for future endeavors, as well; the more the merrier!

Then, my God, some of the coolest stuff I’ve ever seen in the pages of this mag; the life-size statues of T.S. Kuebler (relation to Monica? Not sure…) He creates wax figures of nightmarish interpretations of Frankenstein, Jekyll & Hyde and monsters from his own mind, which he then sells to high-end collectors the world over. It’s all way out of my price range, but goddamnit, someday I will own one!

Wrapping up the features part of this issue is a chat with Eli Roth on Hostel Part II, because you really can’t ignore it this close to its release, in which Eli explains why he’s actually not a fan of the term “torture porn” (thank God) and why he thinks Hostel Part II is going to please a lot more fans. Can’t wait to find out this Friday!

Other highlights this month include the lashing Creepshow 3 is given (we can never have enough of those), Chris Alexander’s Mad Musings about the oddness that is Nomads, guest writer Brian Keene taking us through one of the most haunted spots of Gettysburg, PA, and The Gore-Met’s dissection of all the things wrong with the very concept of Grindhouse. Though I don’t necessarily agree with him, he does make a damn solid argument.

Hit the official Rue Morgue site to subscribe and learn more! Issue #68 is on stands now!

Johnny Butane

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