Paranormal Activity: Tokyo Night Bumps onto Home Video in the UK

We just don’t know about this one. Can two bedrooms equal twice the fear as promised by the box art? Our friends in the UK will be finding out soon enough as Paranormal Activity: Tokyo Night, a direct sequel to Oren Peli’s record setting terror tale, lands onto DVD on March 7th courtesy of Icon Home Entertainment.

From the Press Release
Icon Home Entertainment is pleased to announce the March 7th DVD release of PARANORMAL ACTIVITY: TOKYO NIGHT, the officially sanctioned Japanese sequel to 2009’s hugely successful Paranormal Activity, as directed by Oren Peli.

After the original PARANORMAL ACTIVITY shocked, scared and downright terrified people the world over, grossing over $100 million in the US and £10 million in the UK along the way, Japanese horror aficionado Toshikazu Nagae, with additional input from the original US producers, set out to make an even more shocking sequel.

As is the tradition of US filmmakers re-working Japanese horror classics to bring them to a wider audience, Toshikazu Nagae has done just the opposite by taking the bones of Oren Peli’s US horror spectacle and molding it into his own Japanese sequel with two bedrooms… and twice the fear!

The Yamano family lives in a remote area of Tokyo, Japan. With their father away on business, 19-year-old Koichi is left to look after his wheelchair-bound sister, Haruka, who has returned to Japan early after surviving a car accident whilst traveling in America.

Soon after Haruka’s return from the States, strange and unexplainable things start to happen in the Yamano home.

As the incidents continue to grow increasingly stranger and more severe, Koichi persuades his sister to set up a video camera to try and capture them on film. What Koichi discovers is beyond anything he could have ever imagined, and as the situations intensify, a terrible fact is revealed …

Paranormal Activity: Tokyo Night Bumps onto Home Video in the UK

Paranormal Activity: Tokyo Night – Trailer
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Paranormal Activity: Tokyo Night Bumps onto Home Video in the UK

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  • kiddcapone

    Andrew would totally fuck that trailer if he could. What’s better than Paranormal Activity? I’ll tell ya, Paranormal Activity with ASIANS! Oh yeah, bring it on! I’m even sure Peli stole the idea from the Japanese anyway and Andrew has proof! Fucking USA…you suck ass!

    • Messiahman

      Just admit what everyone already knows… you want to have sweaty sex with Andrew.

      Don’t be ashamed of your obvious feelings for one second. Don’t hide your obsessive mancrush any longer, kiddrainbow. You’re not fooling anyone. Embrace it. Embrace it, I say!

      But you should know, Andrew’s strictly AC.

      • Sirand

        Maybe if kidd dressed up like a geisha, I’d finally give him some of that sweet man love he desires. Better learn to squeal some Japanese though… I prefer my role-play sex to be authentic.

  • Vanvance1

    The Japanese are truly retarded. Don’t get me wrong, I like goma ae and Godzilla but the rest of it (shudders).

    Somehow I think the last pic featured here is fibbing and a mini Godzilla is not in this film, if he was I’d watch it.

  • Masked Slasher

    I’m more interested in seeing this than the US PA 2.