The WTF Friday Video of the Week: Lurch Will Kick Your Ass

A few years before playing “Lurch” in the big screen Addams Family films, Carel Struycken appeared as an unstoppable henchman in an obscure (with good reason) martial arts movie titled Night of the Kickfighters. This casting would lead to one of the most laughably bad fight scenes ever put to film.

For those unfamiliar with the 1988 Action International Pictures martial arts epic Night of the Kickfighters (presumably 99% of you), Carel Struycken appeared as the top henchman working for an evil Mata Hari-type that martial artist and Monte Markham look-a-like Andy Bauman (his one and only film starring role) is hired to defeat after she kidnaps the daughter of death ray laser inventor Adam West. Yes, Adam West, a martial artist who only ever starred in one movie, and the guy that would go on to play “Lurch” in the Addams Family films; you already know this has to be top quality entertainment.

Bauman and Struycken would cross paths a couple times throughout the film but none of their poorly choreographed fight scenes quite achieved the level of what-the-hell-am-I-watching awfulness like their first encounter seen in this clip. Bauman may have been a legit martial artist in real life, but as you will see, Struycken is about as coordinated as a zombie. Though for my money, nothing in this sixty-second clip is anywhere near as hideous as Struycken’s dinner jacket.

Prepare to experience MORTAL LURCHNESS!

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