Transmorphers Trailer Meets the Eye

Transmorphers trailer!As I said in the opening of my original story about this forthcoming release from The Asylum, “I freely admit that this falls into the category of sci-fi and not horror, but, hey, we’ve done news and reviews for this site in the past for films that involved killer robots. Besides, it’s just too good to not report on.”

Originally titled Robot Wars and not intended to have anything in common with the upcoming Transformers movie aside from also having big robots, the folks in charge of the DVD company that’s previously given us When a Killer Calls, King of the Lost World, and The Da Vinci Treasure decided they needed a cash-in; thus the title was transformed into Transmorphers. This despite the fact that the plot has more in common with The Terminator (at least the futuristic man vs. robot scenes) and the robots themselves are more in the vein of Gundman and Macross.

The trailer for writer/director/sometimes nemesis Leigh Scott’s Transmorphers is now up on the Asylum’s website and I gotta say it looks rather spiffy. I’ve no doubt some will be quick to trash the computer effects for looking like something out of a video game and to be honest, if ever there was a case of movie CGI resembling a video game cut scene this would be it; but in this case it really doesn’t bother me that much. Given the nature of the movie, storywise, budgetwise, I give Scott and the Asylum props for what they’re trying to pull off. What I’m seeing right now is fairly impressive for such an ambitious yet low budget movie. Whether or not the movie itself proves delivers is something we won’t find out until June 26th, but for now I’m diggin’ on what I’m seein’. Check it out.

Okay, before anyone complains about this story not having anything at all to do with horror, I’ll also take this opportunity to mention the another Asylum production coming this summer. Happy now?

Invasion of the Pod People!You could choose to go see Invasion, the newest big screen incarnation of Invasion of the Body Snatchers, starring the ex-Mrs. Tom Cruise and the new James Bond, on August 17th.


You can stay home on July 24th and rent the Asylum’s “mockbuster” version of Invasion, cleverly entitled Invasion of the Pod People.

After a woman’s closest friends and co-workers undergo extreme personality changes, she begins to suspect that they have been replaced by malevolent alien invaders.

Though I really have no fault with the trailer, aside from the pod plants looking a tad goofy (like someone maked a cactus with a mollusk), for what it is it looks okay. I still can’t help shake the vibe that it’s still a cheap knock-off of a movie that’s already been the subject of countless remakes and knock-offs. Same “been there, done that” problem I had with last year’s Omen cash-in, 666: The Child. Then again, with a title like Invasion of the Pod People, honestly, would you expect anything less?

Leigh Scott also co-wrote this one, as well as appearing in a supporting role – that’s him eating a bullet in the NOT SAFE FOR WORK trailer. You can view the Invasion of the Pod People trailer by clicking here.

Other titles later this year from The Asylum include 30,000 Leagues Under the Sea starring Lorenzo Lamas, sadly not as either Captain Nemo or the giant squid, and Universal Soldiers, which almost sounds like a lawsuit waiting to happen. Other titles listed:

666: The Beast
2012: Doomsday
War of the Worlds: The Next Wave
I Am Omega
Aliens Vs. Hunters

Can’t say I’m too surprised to see a sequel to their War of the Worlds (the one with C. Thomas Howell that came out at the same as the Spielberg/Cruise version), but I thought Leigh Scott had told me a few months back that the Asylum wasn’t planning to do that many “mockbusters” this year? Now I see I Am Omega and Aliens vs. Hunters; can’t imagine what two blockbuster movies coming this winter those two titles could possibly be emulating…

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