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Another Captivity Move



Captivity shifted again!My God could this movie get any more fucked? First Captivity, the Saw-esque horror flick starring Elisha Cuthbert, gets into all sorts of hoopla because of its advertising campaign, forcing After Dark Films/Lionsgate to bump it’s release from May 18th to June 22nd because the MPAA held off on ruling over its rating as punishment for defying them.

Now, because 1408 is also out on June 22nd and will obviously rule due to its pedigree of stars and source material, Cinematical learned over the weekend that the release date is changing again, this time to July 13th, a date recently vacated by Rogue’s The Strangers. It’s also the same day the new Harry Potter movie is out, though I seriously doubt will detract any box office from Captivity (at least I hope not). It’s just yet another delay for a film that just doesn’t seem worth the wait.

Since horror really doesn’t do well in the summer anyway, I doubt the shift will make a difference one way or another and at this point they might be better off just waiting and releasing it in the Fall, when at least they could have some hope of recouping their losses.

Johnny Butane

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