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ChromeSkull: Laid to Rest 2: Mimi MichaelsQuestion: Tell us about your role.

Mimi Michaels: I play Jess. She’s sort of just your happy-go-lucky young 20’s gal, and basically she gets shell-shocked when ChromeSkull has chosen her as one of his targets, and he shows up in her home and all the craziness ensues from there. To add insult to injury, she has early stages of glaucoma. So while this maniacal bastard is chasing her down, everything is very blurry. She doesn’t know what’s going on, and she can’t see. It’s just craziness.

Question: How does he target you, though?

Mimi Michaels: That’s the thing. For my character, she never knows why he decides to pick her – this whole crazy journey of confusion and of not knowing or understanding why she is one of his victims. Yeah, I guess you will have to ask Chromey that. But the whole time, she’s like ‘Why me? What the hell is going on?’, and she is very puzzled the whole time.

Question: And the glaucoma thing is just, ‘tough shit?’

Mimi Michaels: ‘Yep. You’re going to have to deal with that too.’ But it’s been cool because I’ve never had to play blind or ‘going blind’, and it’s hard, especially with all of the emotions of being chased down by this crazy man. Like I also have to create this world where I can’t really see, and it’s difficult.

Question: Did you draw upon any other actor’s performances for things like that, like Jessica Alba in The Eye?

Mimi Michaels: Actually (I drew from) my mom, who’s been dealing with eye issues recently. I was talking to her, and it’s a lot of things dealing with your periphery. I unfortunately have 20/20. But yeah, just dealing with that and walking around with my eyes shut or bleary eyed. I’ve been using stuff to put in my eyes to make them blurry for myself so it’s more realistic for me.

Question: I can imagine. That’s rough. So, talk about working with Nick (Principle, aka ChromeSkull), who has quite the height on you now.

Mimi Michaels: He’s what, 6’7”? He’s huge. Actually the other day, we were filming a scene where he just throws me over his shoulder and throws me into a coffin. I felt like a feather. And he’s kinda, ‘Meh.’ It’s just so easy being so big. Nick is amazing, which is so funny because when I first met him, he’s very intimidating. I mean, he’s a big guy, playing ChromeSkull. And it was nice to feel a little bit nervous because of the health of my character. But he’s such a nice guy. And it’s been really cool, the scenes that I’ve had with him – with the mask on, he’s so menacing and intimidating, and it really helps me get into character so easily. He’s really great. In the film, in one of his attacks, he gashes my leg, and Nick gave me some advice to put some pebbles in my shoe, which helped with the walk (post-gash) because it’s actually really painful. But it was a nice suggestion on his part. He’s really great to work with.

Question: Besides the knee dagger, were you privy to any other kills? Were you exposed to any of that kind of stuff?

Mimi Michaels: She sees some stuff go down. I don’t want to give too much away. In her blurry vision, she does get to see some things that I don’t think she’d forget too soon.

Question: So you want to work with these crazy guys again?

Mimi Michaels: It’s been such an awesome experience. Everyone is so cool, so great. Rob is so amazing. It’s such a good feeling on the set. There’s this kind of camaraderie and everyone loves this kind of genre.

Question: And you, too?

Mimi Michaels: Yeah, I love it! I just find it so much fun. I just love watching all of the stuff they do with prosthetics. I like the gore and the blood. I just find it exciting. It’s exhausting though, for my character. I’m running around, screaming and crying and being bloody a lot. But I enjoy it.

Question: Who else do you get to work with besides Nick?

Mimi Michaels: Well, Brian Austin Green is right now getting his bald cap put on. So it might be his big death scene today … or not. I don’t know. That should be an interesting scene to watch. He’s great, working with him. He plays a disciple of ChromeSkull, and he’s really good at playing this evil character.

Question: We saw a little clip. He looks really menacing.

Mimi Michaels: Totally. And we had a couple of scenes where I believed because he was really scaring the shit out of me. Yeah, everyone I’ve worked with – actors, crew, everyone – are really just so cool.

ChromeSkull: Laid to Rest 2: Mimi Michaels

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