Hooper Readies Tequila

Tobe Hooper directs Tequila Joe?A Mexican Freddy Krueger? From Tobe Hooper? If all goes wellm that’s what we can expect next from the Texas Chainsaw master according to Shock Till You Drop.

Dan Madigan, the writer behind the terribly underrated See No Evil, has hooked up with Hooper to bring his latest script, Tequila Joe, to the big screen. The story centers around the titular Joe, a “tequila-swigging, meth-snorting, whore-mongering, foul-mouthed, machete-wielding murderous ghoul,” according to Hooper. Sounds like a winner to me!

Though nothing is solidified in terms of when the film will be made or with whose money, Hooper says he hasn’t been this excited about anything since the original Chainsaw. Hyperbole or has Tobe really found something that will put him back on the map again? Time will tell!

Johnny Butane

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