UPDATE: Wake Up and Smell the Rumor: Jurassic Park IV Now Filming?

It’s Monday. The weekend is officially over. It’s five whole days before we can party a bit, and the thought of doing the littlest bit of work turns your stomach. Yep, we’re right there with ya, folks. But get this — if by chance the following rumor is confirmed as true, you’re about to get smacked in the face with some news that will surely get that leftover slumber out of your eyes!

According to Theme Park Adventure, while touring Universal Studios Hollywood, the folks who run the site ran across the clapboard sign you see below, which clearly states that Jurassic Park IV is in production on four of the studio’s stages.

Could it be that named director Joe Johnston could have already started building sets while tidying up work on Captain America? Or is this just the work of some chalk-happy prankster looking to stir the pot? We expect some form of official confirmation to come sooner rather than later, and as soon as we get it, we’ll relay the info to you.

In the interim take all this with a grain of salt. Hit up the above link for a few more images.

As expected … Universal reps are denying the report. Stay tuned.

Wake Up and Smell the Rumor: Jurassic Park IV Now Filming?

Uncle Creepy

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    Whoopy. More computer generated dinosaurs chasing characters with even less depth. All to the tune of a PG rating.


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