Supernatural to Break the Fourth Wall; Genevieve Cortese to Return…But Not as Ruby

We still have a few weeks to kill before the January 28th return of “Supernatural” from its holiday hiatus, but in the meantime we’ve been given an outline of an upcoming episode to chew on … one that involves a favorite plot device here at Dread Central: breaking the fourth wall!

SupernaturalAccording to Ask Ausiello on TVLine.com, a late winter episode will obliterate the fourth wall by transporting Sam and Dean to an alt-uni where they are actors named Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki starring in a cult TV show called “Supernatural”. Wait, it gets wink-winkier: In this other dimension, Sam/Jared has a wife — and it’s none other than Padalecki’s real-life bride (and former ‘Supe costar) Genevieve Cortese!

Meanwhile, Zap2it reports that no, Danneel Harris, Jensen’s real-life wife, won’t be making an appearance as well. As she told the site from the set of her new NBC comedy “Friends With Benefits”, “I don’t think that’d go over too well…I love visiting their set, but it’s fun to just watch Jensen do his thing.

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Debi Moore

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