Gareth Edwards Bringing New Godzilla Film to the Big Screen

Now here’s a kick-ass news item to close out the day! The second American made Godzilla film finally has a director! One who is no stranger to giant sized beasties!

According to The Hollywood Reporter’s Heat Vision Blog Gareth Edwards, the British filmmaker who wrote and directed indie sci-fi movie Monsters, is closing a deal to develop and direct Godzilla for Legendary Pictures, the company that helped produce blockbusters such as Inception and The Dark Knight.

Big G has been around since the Fifties and has appeared in nearly thirty movies since his debut in 1954 so here’s hoping this film won’t drop the ball like the last American version did. Sometimes I still wake up screaming with visions of iguana-chickens (which slightly resemble Jay Leno) running through my head while hundreds of people with fake New York accents scream at the top of their lungs.

If this thing doesn’t breathe fire, I’m just going to start randomly punch people in the throat.

Gareth Edwards Bringing New Godzilla Film to the Big Screen

Uncle Creepy

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  • DavidFullam

    An American Godzilla film is still a bad idea no matter who does it.

  • YandereSama

    If this guy can do a Godzilla movie where he’s destroying cities and fighting monsters without saving it for the last 5 minutes, I’ll be fine. Otherwise, he should stay away.

    I didn’t particularly care for Monsters that much. Not a terrible film, but I don’t get the hype for it.

    “Chew on this!”

  • Vanvance1



    I’m all for a new Godzilla movie provided the director/writers remember TWO thing.

    1 – We want to see Godzilla fight other monsters. PEOPLE are not as interesting as Godzilla. There are countless movies about people already so focus on the monster.

    2 – The monsters should NOT be computer generated. I don’t care how trendy it is, it’s just not fun. The end results never give you a feeling of mass, depth or proper motion. NEVER.

    Even the very best (i.e District 9) still aren’t as much fun as practical f/x.

    It is okay to use SOME cgi for enhancements. SOME! A very little!

    • YandereSama


      You want them to make a 500 foot tall monster practically and make it seem credible.

      “Chew on this!”

      • Vanvance1

        Yes, I absolutely do.

        Ever see League of Extraordinary Gentlemen? It’s a tremendously dumb movie (though I admit I enjoyed it) and the Hyde character is a great example of effective non-cgi f/x. Compare this to The Hulk (either movie) and the computer generated Hulk. Every time I saw Banner transform the movie became a bad video game.

        So yes. With puppets, men in costumes, SOME cgi to mask flaws… I want them to make Godzilla. There is plenty of precedent for it.

        Alas, it is almost certain Godzilla will be 100% CGI. In which case, why not just make the whole movie CGI so it possesses visual continuity.

        EDIT, check this out:

        • YandereSama

          I saw The League before. And while Mr. Hyde was decent, he was horribly composited into the film (well at least by now, the film has aged).

          Now in Godzilla, the original films, they used costumes. Their reasons varied from not being able to have CGI back in the day to not being able to afford it with their budgets. Of course, they also embraced the cornball narmyness of the costumes so they continued using them. Rumor has it should Godzilla return in it’s native country he’s gonna be CGI.

          We just got to wait and see.

          “Chew on this!”

          • LifeMi

            I’d prefer Godzilla to be a man in a rubber suit BUT if they choose to do CGI, they have to get Weta Digital. If anyone can pull CGI Godzilla off, it’s them.

          • Sirand

            CGI Godzilla from Japan. Looks great:

          • Emy

            I like this, not perfect but very very good. Now, how does it look on the big screen though…

            And, I love the tiny truck in the clip.

          • Vanvance1

            That’s just a rumour. Remember how the Japanese reacted to the last American CGI Godzilla, even sticking a crappy version into their film for the man-in-suit Godzilla to kick ass.

            If it isn’t a man in a suit it isn’t truly Godzilla.

  • CMax

    ‘Monsters’ was good stuff – here’s hoping he can do good with the “King”.