Watch 40 Seconds from Sonny Fernandez’s Highway 91

A while back we showed you a music video montage featuring clips from Sonny Fernandez’s “crazy super-bloody zombie movie” Highway 91, and now the indie filmmaker has posted 40 gun-blazing, arrow-flying, brain-blowing seconds from the film to amp up the excitement.

Highway 91 follows a small group of survivors in a world where the dead have come back to life. They’ve been through it all and seen it all, but after they hear of an outpost that is supposedly zombie free, they decide to give it a chance. All they have to do is get there alive, but on the way they have to face serial killers, religious fanatics, and each other!

Highway 91 is currently in production and will be available for purchase from Amazon.com in early February.

Check out the clip, a couple of images, and the original music montage below; and keep it here for more on Highway 91 from Sonny Fernandez and Down Twisted Studios.

Watch 40 Seconds from Sonny Fernandez's Highway 91Watch 40 Seconds from Sonny Fernandez's Highway 91

Debi Moore

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    What did they use for make up…?
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