First Pics From New Horror!

Doomsday pic! (click to see it bigger)Man, the folks at Twitch Film got their hands on some very sexy batches of sexiness today!

First up, the first picture from Neil (Dog Soliders) Marshall’s Doomsday as well as a full synopsis. I won’t reprint the whole thing as it’s pretty long, but the film deals with the re-emergence of the deadly Reaper virus, which 30 years previous more or less wiped out all of Scotland, forcing the authorities to build a wall around it to keep it isolated. Now that the virus is back in the UK, a team must venture into the dead zone once known as Scotland to retrieve the experiments of a doctor who had almost found a cure…

They also got the first look at a vampire shot from The Spierig Brothers’ Daybreakers about a future society in which vampires are the primary species on the planet; Vinnie Jones from Ryuhei Kitamura’s Midnight Meat Train; and concept art from JT (Soft for Digging) Petty’s The Burrowers, a Tremors-esque film with a period setting about a search party sent out to find missing settlers only to come face-to-face with a monster.

Daybreakers pic! (click to see it bigger) Midnight Meat Train pic! (click to see it bigger) The Burrowers concept art (click to see it bigger)

The last three are from the Lionsgate booklet thrown out at Cannes, which we missed again this year, so huge thanks to Twitch for taking the time to scan all these very cool images in! Click on the little images to see ‘em full size, and be sure to check out Twitch Film for the full plot synopses from each film.

Johnny Butane

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